About Us

Jelfarm Fresh Produce Enterprise is one of the leading exporters of Okra from the Philippines. Our Company is a proactive organization in the development of the Okra Industry. We are engaged in collaborations with the Department of Agriculture and the Bureau of Plant Industry in implementing modern agricultural practices and working side by side with farming cooperatives improving the standards from farm production to processing and packaging.

Our farms are maintained by following standards that comply with Good Agricultural Practices. We grow our Okra and farm them using principles for on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food while taking into account economical, social and environmental sustainability.

The Okra we grow is categorized as Export Grade, which is strictly free from disease, pests, free from damage and mechanical injury and consistently surpassing International consumer standards. Our process of selection and preparation for packaging is carefully monitored and explained in our Okra Trace-ability flow diagram.

With almost 5 years in the business of exporting high quality Okra to Japan, Jelfarm has sustained a network of independent farmers, contract growers and Cooperatives improving the country’s social economic growth and changing the lives of farmers in the rural areas.

Jelfarm Fresh Produce Enterprise is a member of the Philippine Okra Producers & Exporters Association you can be assured that our produce complies with strict Sanitary, Hygienic and Phytosanitary practices for safe, healthy and fresh Okra.